Card Table

Paul Marcus Fuog, U-P


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A new version of an old card table. For the exhibition, 1-OK ClLUB, the card table is presented in a digital format rather than as a physical display. The video 'A Space for Solitude' celebrates the way the object was designed to be used moving beyond the form itself.

U-P is an ideas-led creative consultancy. Using a research-based approach, U-P combines a process that moves between play and rigour. Positivity and experimentation are at the very core of U-P's philosophy. Constraints are explored in optimistic and creative ways, resulting in work that is memorable and meaningful, and improves our way of life. U-P is led by Paul Marcus Fuog and Uriah Gray.

65cm x 73cm x 73cm

Marmoleum, rock maple, white oak and walnut timber


Melbourne, Australia

Card Table Card Table Card Table Card Table Card Table