Factory Works (a)

Ash Allen & Dale Hardiman


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Factory Works is made using both traditional and contemporary production methods.

Injection moulding has long been used in the production of low-cost consumer, industrial, medical, and aerospace products, and is now almost completely automated. Hand coiling on the other hand, is a process that has been used for thousands of years to shape clay into vessels. 

Rubber is extruded in the conventional manner, instead of being captured inside a mould, is left to drop naturally onto a platform, from which is then hand coiled over a glass or ceramic form. Once coiled, the rubber is heated to cure, and the internal form is destroyed to leave only the rubber outline of the pre-existing object. 

Factory Works is an intervention of a completely automised process, exploring the singularity of a process designed to produce perfect replications.

Hardiman works on products of mass-production for brand Dowel Jones whilst also working on singulars under his own name. Hardiman’s interest lie within the localisation of the production of objects.

Hardiman has won numerous awards and exhibits regularly nationally and internationally. Hardiman’s studio currently resides in a rubber factory in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Ash Allen, married with kids, manufacturer by day, emerging designer by night.

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Melbourne, Australia

Factory Works (a) Factory Works (a)

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