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I came across “Pate de Verre” a few months ago at the local glass supply shop, Axess Glass, and was intrigued by it. Small glass particles are mixed with water, then patted into ceramic (or plaster) moulds by hand and then fused in a kiln. By pure coincidence, a friend, Danny Triebert showed me a few different types of 100% recycled glass from SKM recycling in Coolaroo. At SKM, they optically sort the coarser “cullet”, but the finer crushed material is mixed and stockpiled. Because it is impure (with some plastic, ceramic and paper), it is of low value ($50/tonne) and finds use either as backfill in trenches, asphalt or blasting media.

Experimenting began with this recycled glass sand in my kilns. The results were promising so for this project I decided to take the iconic glass vase designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936 and try and replicate it using this recycled media. A refractory plaster mould was made around the original glass form and then the glass paste patted onto the walls of the cavity. This assembly was then backfilled with talc and fired to 1100 deg C. After firing the plaster mould is broken away and the talc tipped out. What remains is truly a “1-off” vase made from 100% recycled crushed glass.

Thanks to SKM recycling, Axess Glass and Danny Triebert J

Ash Allen, married with kids, manufacturer by day, emerging designer by night.

14cm x 17cm x 25cm

100% recycled crushed glass


Melbourne, Australia

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